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Jobs @ asenne

Who We are

Asenne is a growing E-commerce firm having based in Mumbai, Working for as D to C Brand.
We Manufacture Bags & Clothing’s and sell them directly to Consumer across INDIA.

We have Multiple channels from where orders are received, They are Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook & Website.

Admin Executive
Job Description

Editing Details on CRM 

Taking Customers order and updating them on our website.

Solving Query of Customers on whatsapp / Calls
Some customers might approach on our  unifed whatsapp with their queries, you are supposed to reply them and try to solve their query as per our protocols

Weekly Accounting Entires on Excel sheet.
You will be given Bank statement by us on weekly basis and you will be making simple adjustment and entries as per our instructions.

Social Media Updates
You will be posting content given by us on different social media sites and managing customers query received on those platforms.

If above job excites you please apply by clicking on below link by giving proper responses